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Almost but not quite

That’s my title. I got it from my grandmother’s passing on March 27th. She would have been 95 on April 2. She had her first birthday in Heaven. But she was so close to making it to her birthday, almost but not quite!!

She completed her race here. All she talked about was her birthday. She didn’t make it here, but she did have a celebration in heaven!

Almost but not quite is a phrase used to indicate that one has almost succeeded, but not quite! Let’s not stand before God and not succeed with what God has given to us. Whatever the calling, gifts, or talents you have laid aside. Get up and do what you are here for! The world needs you. Let’s not barely get by. God has so much for you. He is the God of more than enough! Don't be afraid to use what you have or hide your talent like the parable in the Bible!!

Matt 25:14-26

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