• Pastor Patience Hicks

If you complain you remain, if you praise you will be raised!

There are 47 verses in the Bible about complaining, 216 on praises. What do u think we should be doing more and less of? Complaining about something or someone doesn’t change anything in fact it gets worse. In the word of God it says,Do all things without complaining and disputing(Phil 2:14-15). The answer to complaining is start praising God get your mind off of the problem or circumstance or even yourself and look to Jesus. Start praising and continue praising and you will see the wall come down! Remember he works all things together for the good (Romans 8:28) if it hasn’t changed for you maybe examine yourself and see if you have been talking negative or complaining. God is a good God,and he loves you. If you can’t find anything to praise him for that’s a good start by thanking him that he loves you and he died for you. Complaining will get us nowhere,but praise will open heaven’s gates!

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