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March is a month of expectation!!

I want to share about The word March and expectation...

First would be March, it’s a New month, coming out of winter and going into spring new season, forgetting the past and moving forward (Phil 3:13)time is going forward. We can’t hold on to the past,even hurts and disappointments,we have to let go! Personally, I have to let go of my 20’s and my 30’s. I am in my 40’s and if I keep looking at what I use to be, I am going to miss out on all of my blessing where I am today. I want to March into all what God has for me! I am expecting and I am excited to see what’s next!

Next point is Expectation, it means to expect something good for the future, so looking back, you can’t expect nothing for your future. There are brighter days ahead! Get up and March into this new season with expectation that something good is about to happen!! It’s time to run, we have been sitting too long! Let’s finish this race called life with enthusiasm so we can hear “well done though good and faithful servant.”

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