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Life Transformation

Unbelievable Life Transformation, I wouldn't believe it if I wasn't living it. Since July of 2020 I have had 4 major surgeries, 2 discs fused in my neck and 3 back surgeries finally resulting in my back being fused. October of this year I tore a 2" tear in my rotor cuff. It has been 3 years since I have lived in pain 24/7, every morning it was like I was waking up from a car wreck. I was a very low point and thought I would be a burden to my family and friends and need help and assistance for the rest of my life. 11 months ago, I met Dina Hogan we became instant friends. I will never forget in the first week telling her what I have been through, she looked me in the straight in the eyes and said, YOUR LIFE HAS CHANGED YOU JUST DON'T KNOW YET... I have forgotten a lot of our conversations but never forgot those words. Last Tuesday morning out of the blue Dina asked if she could ask me a personal question, she asked me if I believed God could take away all my pain. I said honestly No, I have been through doctors, therapy, pills and could not get any relief and was just willing to settle this is what I have to deal with the rest of my life. She said Okay and kept playing the same Christan song on the internet over and over again while I was working. All of a sudden Dina pointed to the outdoor monitors and said what is that in your yard, the whole ground looked Black. We went to the sliding door and there were not hundreds there were thousands of birds in my yard, we took pictures and when we opened the door it was like a black cloud picked up and flew away all together. Dina said, they fly in the sky all the time, but today they all choose to land in your yard, she said that is a sign. She went in and googled how birds are in line with angels. Before Dina Left, she put me in a chair in the middle of my office and pressed her hands on my back, neck and shoulder prayed and commanded the pain to leave my body in the name of Jesus Christ. I thought it was an amazing day just seeing all those birds. Little did I know Through Dinas strong beliefs and the power of Jesus that the birds were just a sign. The Amazing part came after, Today is 6 days of total pain free from my neck to my back and out to my shoulder. I get out of a chair without moaning, climb steps without complaining, sleep without pain and get up like a normal person. I am still trying to digest this miracle I am experiencing. I told my testament at the church the other day and said I was a doubter in the morning and a believer in the evening. I was wrong I am a believer FOREVER in the powers of Jesus Christ.                    Terry Maloney 2/12/2023

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