We love "Glory to Glory"!  It's a great church.  we were embraced and welcomed immediately upon arrival and have continued to feel celebrated ever since.  There is always a revenant and powerful message.  We are free to be ourselves and Sundays have become the best part of the week.

                                                                                 Julie and Adam

My testimony is of the revelation of the love of my God.  He revealed to me His true Gospel which is His unconditional love!  His Grace! Undeserved, unmerited favor, through the love of Jesus! Before I received the revelation of God's grace, I would hope and wish for my prayers to be answered by God.  Now I know His love, and what His answer is to my prayers, "yes, I am willing".  I am able to come boldly to His thrown with my prayers.  So now I speak to the mountain and command it to be removed!  I speak to broken bones and command them to be healed, and that they will be stronger than before, speak to sickness and disease and command it to be healed.  This is not by my strength or will, but by my Faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ. The love of Jesus is so powerful.  Knowing His love and the truth of His love is how we are able to live in victory today.  This Church (G2G) teaches the love of Jesus, and how we can choose to live in His victory each and every day.  I thank God for His Grace, the unconditional love of Jesus.   

                                                                                           Dave P.

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