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What are you occupied with?

Updated: Jan 10

We need to be aware of the lies and schemes of the enemy. (Eph 6:11&1 Peter 5:8). It’s easy to be occupied by the wrong voice, by what we see, by wants on tv, the news and ext.… What are you occupied with? That will determine if you have a life of peace in a fallen world? Yes, you can have peace and as the old saying is “you can’t have your cake and eat it too!” But with Jesus you can! Most Christian’s are miserable, frustrated and aggravated they lost their joy. They are occupied with the cares of life but good news is we can get back on track! “If you abide in me …” if he had stopped there, we would automatically have it made as born-again Christians, because with the new birth we do abide in Christ. But scripture goes on to say “and my words abide in you.” The word is called “the word of faith” but what saith it? The word is nigh thee, even in my mouth, and in thy heart. That is the word of faith, which we preach. (Rom 10:8) If his word abides in you, you will have Victory and Overcome! Because you will be occupied with what God says instead of what everyone else says and thinks. Your life will be like a lie! Ps, so after reading this go have a piece of pie or cake and enjoy!

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Nov 01, 2023

Just want to say that their are times where my flesh does not want to stay focused on Jesus. It is so much easier to watch youtube, tic tok, or go on face book and get caught up in the worldly desires. Even though I all ways find my self coming back to Jesus. Jesus is important to me not only because he is the only one their for me and most other lost and lonely people. He is important to me because I know ill never be perfect in the flesh. The flesh wants to look at things it should not, do things that have no benefits, and just does not want to love like the love that Jesus…

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